I know what you are saying, why isn’t anything happening? Well it is moving a bit slower than the off-season last year.  Garcia is a done deal at one year and 4 million dollars but somehow this is not that reassuring to me. I am not comfortable with the rotation as it stands and somehow I don’t think that Brian Cashman is either. If the season were to start today it would be 1. Sabathia 2. Nova  3. Burnett 4. Garcia 5. Hughes.  This doesn’t instill confidence in me does it you? It’s obvious a CJ Wilson or a Matt Garza in this rotation would make everyone feel a bit better. There are rumors that Garza may be on the trading block after going 10-10 on a 74 win team. He had a respectable ERA of 3.32 and has always come up big in big games. However it is rumored that the price tag would be to high for the Yankees to consider it an option. CJ Wilson is a great fix but with a high price tag. Yu Darvish is a younger fix but with a lot of question marks. I would not be surprised if the Yankees signed Roy Oswalt as a short-term fix, or placeholder if you will, until a couple of their young studs are ready for the big leagues.