In a nutshell, nothing yet! It won’t be long though before we hear some news. The Yankees just finished their organizational meetings in Tampa and the winter meetings will soon begin. The Items that are to be decided are.

1. Brian Cashmans contract

2. CC Sabathia and his opt out clause

3. Nick Swishers option

4. Yu Darvish and CJ Wilson as well as what other starting pitching to pursue.

5. bull pen and bench roles to be filled

It appears that the core of the starters will remain as they were last season. It is worth noting that Cano’s agent was crying a bit for an extension but with Robinson being locked up for the next two seasons he must know that it makes no business sense for the Yankees. We will examine each of these things in more depth as they become more relevant. For now just enjoy one of the best World Series that didn’t include the Yankees that I have seen in a long time and remember to follow us on Twitter at Yankees Magazine.