Ok they are a little. But there is a bit of good news and it comes in the form of Rick Porcello. Porcello is not very good, he has allowed 210 hits in 182 innings and has given up 18 HR for an ERA of 4.75. Now I know what you are saying he is facing AJ Burnett who has been brutal for the Yankees this season. But in the month of September AJ seemed to find himself and scattered amongst a couple of so so outings was the dominant pitcher we all know he is capable of being. Now one hopes he goes out there and pitches 8 innings of one run ball but the funny thing about baseball is that you just cant predict it.
Now If anything hurts the Yankees I think it was not pitching Burnett last night over Sabathia. Think about it, Your facing Justin Verlander, you’re not going to win! Why on earth would you not send Burnett out there to be the sacrificial lamb and then come back with Sabathia vs Porcello when facing elimination. DUMB DUMB DUMB Ok whatever lets just hope that good AJ shows up and psycho head case AJ stays home.