ap-201108312142781372594When you have a lead on the Red Sox in the sixth you have to learn to put that game away. That is what Phil Hughes lacked in the Yankees 9-5 loss to the Boston Red Sox last night. Phil Hughes was  up 5-4 before issuing a walk to Josh Reddick after a moth flew into his eye and allowing a game tying double to Jason Varitek which is what was the turning point in the game. The Red Sox later added a couple of home runs to add insult to injury.

Hughes made some good pitches and seemed to have a little extra velocity hitting 95 to 96 on the fastball early but a few mistakes make his numbers less than impressive looking at the final line.

Tonight will be AJ Burnett’s turn to make his case for why he belongs in the starting rotation. Lets say for instance Burnett pitches 7 innings and gets the win. Given his past five starts can you comfortably put him in the rotation? Realistically in the post season you only need four pitchers in most scenarios and If I had to pick them in order right now it would be, CC  Nova  Garcia  Colon. Anyone disagree?