alg_aj_burnettTonight will mark the beginning of the decision making in what will be the Yankees post season rotation. Currently the Yankees are using a six man rotation which will be trimmed to five most likely after tomorrows game. Six man has been a necessity of late with double headers and the tragic kitchen knife incident with Freddie Garcia but now its time to send one of them to the bull-pen. Over the next few weeks A post season rotation will form. Now it goes without saying that CC Sabathia is in, and after the stellar performances of Freddie Garcia and Bartolo Colon this last time around they aren’t going anywhere either. Ivan Nova has a shot at Rookie of the year with his 14-4 record and an ERA south of four I can’t remember the last time he lost. So that leaves us with Phil Jekyll and Hyde Hughes and AJ deep ball Burnett. Smart money says that Hughes is the better pitcher even after getting shelled in his last start. Burnett hasn’t been able to pull it together since gong 4-2 in the month of April. Everyone is routing for Hughes to come up big tonight as he battles Beckett and cement his spot in the rotation. Burnett has great stuff and we have a ton of money invested in him he just cant seem to cope with the mental aspects of the game. His pitches look predictable and even though he throws hard batters look comfortable at the plate against him. As crazy as this sounds I almost think he needs to plunk a couple of guys and move some people back off the plate to become effective again. The breaking pitches and fastballs on the outside corner just aren’t doing it they are like batting practice pitches for big league hitters. There is also a train of thought that says that Hughes has more experience out of the bullpen and would make the transition easier than AJ. We think back to 2009 when Hughes was a dominant set up guy.

It all starts tonight as the game played from here on out have significant impact on the playoff roster and the starting rotation.