Just a couple of quick comments before this huge series against the Red Sox this weekend. This is drama at its best a three game series against the Sox where they are in a dead tie and the Yankees have three great pitchers going up against three great pitchers. The winner will hold sole possession of first place. (at least for one day)
A-Rod has resumed baseball activities and should be back in a couple of weeks. Whether he will be back at third or see a little time as DH has yet to be determined. The whole gambling thing is stupid. Last time I checked half the owners in the game had race horses, isn’t that gambling? At any rate hopefully the witch hunt will be over soon and win lose or draw A-Rod can get back to helping this team win another world series.
The starting rotation is an interesting problem. To many good starters. How many teams would like to have that problem. The logical thing to do is go with the hot hand and put your weakest link in the pen, but AJ Burnett is making far to much money to be put in the pen. So it’s a matter of what to do between the others. Options: One of the following to the pen; Colon, Hughes, Nova or send Nova down to triple A so that he can stay on schedule. I don’t know what I would do. But I do know it’s a problem most teams would love to have.