To put it quite simply, they didn’t need to. Everyone keeps yelping about the Yankees needing a number two starter. Lets take a quick look at the Yankees Rotation and their Stats.

CC Sabathia 16-5  2.55 ERA

AJ Burnett  8-9     4.23 ERA

Bartolo Colon 8-6  3.30 ERA

Freddie Garcia  10-7  3.22 ERA

Ivan Nova     9-4    4.01 ERA

and Phil Hughes but Im not really counting him because he is a rehab case at this point.  So looking at this rotation with the exception of AJ Burnett every one of them has a winning record and only one has an ERA over four. Do the Yankees need another pitcher? Absolutely not. Also lets not forget the Yankees have a deep minor league system in the pitching department. Dont be surprised if you see Manny Banualos appear in the bigs before the year is out. Just because the non-waiver deadline has passed does not mean that they can’t still make a move in the month of august via the waiver wire.

A couple of the pitchers the Yankees were looking at had to big of price tags to make sence for a team with such a good rotation. Everyone is just waiting for Garcia or Colon to just crumble or get hurt because of their age. Fact of the matter is they are both in outstanding shape and there is no reason to believe that they wont continue to dominate on the mound.

Look for the Yankees to make a decision soon about sending one of their starters to the bull pen. My money is on Hugues who has experience and success there, rather than Nova who has never done it.

A-Rod will begin baseball activity this week and although there is no set deadline for his return many believe it will be as early as next week. It would not surprise me If he DH’s upon his return until they are 100% sure he will be able to perform in the field.  I like the Idea of Chavez at third and A-Rod Dhing. This will put Posada on the bench but it’s still a better line-up no matter how you slice it.