First lets start by saying they need to be. The asking price for Jimenez is high. If it doesn’t sting a bit than the player probably isn’t that good. Teams don’t often give away superstars. I think that the Yankees can have him for Becances,Montero and Nova and perhaps a lesser prospect included. Yes that stings a lot, but it should.I think that the Yankees may do everything possible to try to negotiate a little less pain but in the end may pull the trigger to keep Boston from doing the same. If they wuss out or hesitate I believe that Kuroda is an acceptable second choice but not the long-term answer that Jimenez is considering his age.
Cashman is trying very hard to get the Yankees away from the old mind thought of getting the player you need when you need them instead of developing young players into cost-effective talent. When you’re the Yankees, and you have the funds, I say do whatever it takes to put the best possible team on the field NOW. I’m a fan of the win now at all costs. Thats what puts people in the stands to bring this unlimited money tree in the first place.