As the trade deadline approaches the Yankees seem to have scouts all over baseball looking for a quality arm. There has been rumors about noting that the Yankees have interest in Ubando Jimenez from the Colorado Rockies. Allegedly the Rockies want Ivan Nova,Dellin Betances,Manuel Banuelos and Jesus Montero. This seems like a pretty hefty loft but its one that Brian Cashman should pull the trigger on for a few reasons. The first being that Jimenez is a proven commodity and the four of them are only prospects. Lets look a the prospects one at a time. Montero can hit, nobody will argue that. However I don’t think that the Yankees are convinced on him as a catcher. Betances and Banuelos are both high ceiling prospects but both of them have been struggling with control at high A and are just that, prospects. Nova projects as a back of the rotation starter that may be good for ten wins or so with an ERA around 4.34. Jimenez on the other hand is a certified stud who would be under the Yankees control for dirt cheap until 2013. This extra money could be used for other talent or to replenish out newly drained farm system. There is a possibility that none of the players that they Yankees give up never make it big ,Jimenez already has.

The question you have to ask yourself right now is “If the playoffs started today who would be your starting three pitchers?” AlthoughBartolo Colon has been great he has been inconsistent since returning from the DL. Garcia seems to look ok numbers wise but walks way to many hitters and always seems to be pitching out of trouble. AJ Burnett after looking great in April and May has looked horrible in June and July. Phil Hughes is only two games off a long trip to the DL and will require a couple of more starts before you can call him back and CC Sabathia is on his way to CY Young contention. So my Rotation looks like this:


2. Sabathia

3. Sabathia

4. Sabathia

Pretty sick rotation huh? Brian go get us a pitcher!