We are at the halfway point of the season and the Yankees have some good ,some bad and some ugly.  First lets talk about the good. I really havent said anything since Jeter got his 3000th hit and yes this is a huge milestone. I’m glad that he did it in style with a huge HR, he does everything with style, always has. Bartolo Colon has been a huge surprise the first half of the season and has only had a couple of bad starts. That being said this is the part of the season that they should begin to worry about him breaking down or losing his effectiveness. Keep your fingers crossed. Curtis Granderson reinventing himself has been a big part of the success of the club. Rarely does a trade work out so well for both teams as this one seems to have. Russell Martin is all the Yankees could have asked for and more. I figure you will see him back next season and may possibly get a new contract depending on how he performs in the second half. I believe that this makes Montero expendable and a prime trade chip. I don’t believe the Yankees are sold on him behind the plate but nobody doubts his ability to hit. I know it will never happen but wouldn’t it be nice if they could trade him to the brewers for Prince Fielder. Also along with the good goes the bounce back year for AJ Burnett. Mark my words he will be a huge part of how the Yankees do down the stretch.

Now the bad. Phil Hughes was awful in the first part of the season and has a lot to prove in the second half. If he is back to his 18 game winning self the Yankees will be tough to beat down the stretch. A-Rod is going to be out for at least five weeks after having surgery on his knee. This makes Nunez the primary third baseman. Although he has shown he can hit, he is erratic in the field and needs to learn how to run the bases. He has way to much speed to be making so many base running errors. Jorge Posada although hot of late has been underproducing all season. I pretty much called that one from the start. He should have retired gracefully at the end of last year. But eleven million is way to much to for him to throw away, I get it. Although Cano’s numbers are still very good, compared to last year its a bit of a let down, but I don’t think anyone expected him to repeat that kind of production.

The Ugly has been the Yankees middle relief. With the exception of Robertson and Rivera at the end of the game the other relievers have been inconsistent and inexperienced. It has basically been a revolving door with injuries to Soriano,Marte and Feliciano. This is where I think the Yankees could pick up someone, preferably a lefty , to help stabilize that sixth or seventh inning. Luckily the rotation has been good enough that it isn’t needed as much as with some teams.

The Yankees are in good shape down the stretch. They have a solid rotation and a potent offence. The Red Sox on paper are banged up right now. Still I see this being a classic Yankees V Sox battle for the division to the end. The other will probably get the wildcard. I would say the Yankees chance of returning to the World Series at this point is 70%.