For a minute lets talk about Derek Jeter.  Jeter is just two hits away from 3000 in his career. Only 27 others have ever accomplished this feat. Now I don’t believe that Jeter will ever take the top spot in this exclusive club I think he will end his career in the top three. 3773 will land him the number three spot all time but it will take 4257 to take the record away from Pete Rose. It would take him five more years of 200 or more hits which just isn’t going to happen. However I feel honored to have been alive during his era and to have seen him play so many times in the last 15 years. He is truly a special player who has given more to this game than anyone else over this period of time.

OK CC Sabathia. Many of you are wondering whats up with the opt out clause and what does it mean for his future. First let me say that I can tell you with 98% assurance that CC will not be playing for another team next season. So why the opt out clause? Simple, it’s all about money. The most likely scenario is that it was put in the contract in place of some money for this very reason. If he wasnt great he wouldn’t use it and nothing would be said about it he would collect his obscene amount of money and go about his business. But he is great so now the Yankees must pay him ,either in money or in additional years. My prediction? CC will opt out, he will sign a new six-year deal worth 128millionish.(hopefully with less money at the end) Everyone will be happy.

With the Trade deadline approaching what do you think the Yankees need?  Pitching? Hitting? Think about it leave your comments and we will talk about it after the game tonight when Derek and the Yankees will be taking on the Rays only two hits away from 3000.