CC Sabathia pitched the game of his life today. Even though he didn’t pitch a perfect game even though it wasnt a no-hitter and even though he didn’t pitch it to completion you will never see a better pitched game. He went seven and two thirds giving up six hits and stricking out 13 Brewers. He probably could have completed the game but when you strike out that many batters you throw a lot of pitches and 118 was enough on a hot afternoon in the Bronx. He was consistently hitting 96 mph on the gun but it was hit curve ball that was amazing. It was perfect, as a batter what can you do with a pitch that looks way inside(if you’re a lefty) and at the last second breaks over the plate at your knees? Well you can either look at it or swing and miss. 13 K’s is a lot for one day and he had it down to a science.

The Yankees won 5-0 as the bullpen finished it out for him securing a sweep of the team with the best home record and the worst road record among wining teams in the MLB. The Brewers are no slouches and they know how to score runs but today was CC’s day to shine, today was a day that he was not going to lose.

CC’s brilliance should not overshadow the fact that Texeria hit his 300th HR of his career today and his 25th of the season. Last year he didn’t hit his 25th HR until August. He is truly having a special season. I personally think he has a realistic shot at 60 HR if he continues on this pace. Yeah I know im a dreamer but 40 is more likely.

In other bomber news the Yankees have reacquired Sergio Mitre from the Brewers for cash considerations. The Yankees DFA’d Buddy Carlyle to make room for him on the 40 man roster. Mitre holds a 3.27 ERA this season allowing only 30 hits in 33 innings with a ground ball rate over 50%. It is unclear to me why the Brewers DFA’d him but It was a strong move for the Yankees bull-pen. In another good sign for Yankees pitching it seems that Bartolo Colon is ready to come off the DL and it seems that he will be making the start on Sat vs the Mets. To complicate matters it seems that Phil Hughes is also well enough to come off the Dl and take his next turn in the rotation. It is unclear what the Yankees are going to do with the Rotation now that they seem to have a plethora of pitching, Phil Hughes may make one more rehab start before returning or he may not. They have also stated that it is not out of the realm of possibilities of using a six man rotation. This can complicate things because some pitchers don’t like to get extra rest. However there are ways to get creative. I say let Hughes start in Garcia’s turn the next time around, if he is brilliant or if he sucks give him two starts. You also have to be cautious with Colon and how he will do in his return. Best two of the three stay in the rotation the other goes to the Pen.

There has also been some talk of the future of the Yankees catching situation. My opinion is that they will resign Martin (he’s still young) I see Romaine being passed the torch in the future and Montero being traded possibly at the deadline but I’m not sure what they would trade for. I really don’t see where they are in need of anything. Perhaps a utility infielder who doesn’t throw the ball in the stands every other play and can hit. Or perhaps as part of a package for a young pitching prospect. Maybe a lights out Lefty in the pen would help. I think the Yankees will find that down the stretch they have more than enough pitching once everyone gets healthy. Do they need a big bat on the bench? maybe, time will tell. All I know is that I can hardly wait to see how this all unfolds. Lets just hope the end result is another championship.