No team wins them all, the best you can hope for is to win series. That is exactly what the Yankees have been doing! Since getting embarrassed by the Red Sox they have been racking them up at a good clip. They have done it with good starting pitching a strong bull pen.
Next up is the Red Hot Milwaukee Brewers. I have to admit I like them a lot they are having a great year and hopefully will make a run at the WS. However they are not very good on the Road and Yankee Stadium is not the place to be a bad road team. Look for the Yankees to take two out of three in this one too. Having today off allows them to move the rotation around a little and skip over Gordon who will certainly be gone as soon as Colon or Hughes is ready to come off the DL.
The Yankees are still hitting the cover off the ball with Mark Texiera tied with the most in the MLB at 23. It looks like Mark could be putting together a great season, although it would be nice to see his BA come up a little. After the Brewers the Yankees will hit the road and face the Mets in part two of the subway series.Hopefully we will have some word on when some of our walking wounded will be returning from the DL. Stay tuned!