Heres a few tidbits that just kinda came out of my brain. Whenever I start to get down on the Yankees I just pray for a series against Oakland. They just cant seem to buy a win against the Yankees and its always uplifting for me. I was looking at the voting thus far for the all star game and It proves to me more than ever that it is a popularity contest. There is no way on gods green earth that Posada should be third in votes for the DH. He is the worst hitter in baseball and couldnt outrun a man with one leg but somehow people are voting for him for an all star appearance. The Only Yankees that should be shoe in’s right now are Granderson,Martin and Cano. There are others that are on the fringe and we just take advantage of how good they really are like Texeria and A-Rod.
The controversy about Colon is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The man had stem cells from his own body injected into his own body. How could this be the slightest bit of a problem. He obviously isnt on steroids one look at him will tell you that. He has worked his ass off to make it back to the majors and deserves to reap the rewards of his diligence not have to hear haters rant about him. Yes it is pretty amazing that a 38-year-old fat man is throwing 96 mph and is probably the number two starter on the squad right now. I even heard someone say that the Yankees should consider voiding his contract because he did not disclose this surgery to them. Why would they do that? They are gonna ride that fat mans jock right into the world series.
With the trade deadline approaching do you think the Yankees need anything? I don’t, maybe a lefty reliever but i dont think they need to change a thing. The Yankees have some contract decisions to think about and if they dont plan on keeping Swisher they might consider moving him but I think they are going to keep him, so no worries. The Yankees need to consider bring Silva up for a spot start for Nova and give him a chance to get his head on straight. Later we can talk more about that though.