Well at least a share of it. A three game losing streak by the Rays,  a rally by the cubs over the sox and an impressive win over the Mets has put the Yankees into a tie with the Rays for first place at least for the moment. The mere fact that the Yankees can lose 5 in a row and find themselves in first after a couple of wins is impressive. We are 44(approx) into the season and here are a few facts I see to be true about the Yankees. Actually lets give a fact about each member of the line-up.

Jeter- Still has it as he approaches 3000 his with 2973. My prediction is that he hits 3000 around the first of June.

Granderson- absolutely crushing the ball with 17 HR is second only to Batista who is just ridiculous. It amazes me how such a small change in his stance can make him a new hitter.

Texieria- usually a slow starter already has 12 HR which ties him with Ryan Braun for third in the majors. He is starting to heat up and I think his average will be up there soon

A-Rod- Started out hot then had a slump now starting to hit it hard again. I still think he will have the most HR at the end of the year.

Cano- consistent but nowhere near last seasons production. If he even gets close it will be a good year.

Swisher- Looks lost at times but still has some big hits,

Gardner- Needs to get more aggressive when on base. Starting to hit more and it should help him boost his steals.

Martin- Best pickup of the off season. Hits, Runs ,Fields,Catches, what more can you ask for.

Posada- An embarrassment to the pinstripes. You have to wonder how long before Cashman calls him in to the office and asks him about retirement or designates him for assignment.

Next time pitchers.