OK by now we have all heard all the details of Posada asking out of the game and his back and his move to the ninth spot and blah blah blah. If you really live in a cave and don’t know he details of this you can find them here   Now for those of you who are up to speed how many of you think that Posada is in the right? I’m hoping none of you. Listen If I go up to my boss and say ” Hey ya know I cant work today I need to get my head on straight” He is either gonna laugh and tell me to get to work or he is going to say ok your fired. It’s not Posadas job to determine when he is going to be in the line up. That is why the Yankees have a manager to make those decisions. If you are a Yankee I don’t care if your batting 0.00 when you play the Red Sox you wanna be in the game. Ask if you can have a day off against the Twins or something, but against the Red Sox? That is a huge slap in the Yankees face. Will he play today? We shall see. Posada has the lowest batting average in the league and I predicted at the beginning of the season that he was done. So what now? He should just retire with dignity and his five WS rings before he looks like more of an ass than he already does.