In a game that saw the continued collapse of Phil Hughes there were some bright lights. So not another episode of the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good: There are so many things you could list about this game as being good. In my mind the teams resolve not to give up when they were down 5-0 and to scratch back to tie it in the ninth was the greatest thing. To be fair lets give some recognition to a few that stood out. Joba Chamberlain’s tag at the plate after letting a slider slip away from him was awesome. Chamberlains fastball is back to what it looked like before that bug thing in Cleveland. He was hitting 96mph and looks a lot like the Chamberlain of old. For the third time Bartolo Colon has come in to relieve Phil Hughes and for the third pitched very well. If you were to ask me I would say Colon deserves a start should the Yankees decide to skip Hughes turn next time around.

The Bad: The bad was A-Rod cutting off Gardner’s attempt to throw home when it was clear that they had at least a shot of getting the runner. It was also clear what Gardner’s intention was and it was also clear that A-Rod with his back to the runner should not have made the decision to cut off the throw. That being said Alex was still a beast and his 3 hits an RBI and a Run scored made up for it.

The Ugly: I’m sensing a pattern here, Phil Hughes was just bad. Although he had some improvement over his last start a line of 4.1 innings 7 hits and 5 earned runs. No matter how you slice it this is not getting it done. His ERA is 13.94, he has got to be injured there is no other explanation. He is to good of a pitcher to be this bad.

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