Those of you who are avid readers of this blog know that I usually don’t usually get on tangents about things that don’t have to do with the Yankees directly and things that aren’t game related. I usually stay away from who is doing steroids and who is dating Kate Hudson and all that kind of stuff. In this case I will digress. Many fans out there say things like ” I really don’t care if so and so took steroids or so and so lied in court” I will admit I may have said that originally when we first started with all this steroids talk. Now I see things a little more clearly. The fans that don’t care about steroids are the same people who are watching WWE and cheering on the edge of their seat. Baseball is a game of great history and true fans of the game respect this history and follow the stats. The records that are recorded are a part of baseball heritage that is beloved by all true fans of the game. Barry Bonds is part of that history by being the all time HR leader with 762 and the single season HR leader with 73 in 2001.

Today Barry Bonds was convicted in a SanFransisco Court of Obstruction of Justice. This makes him a convicted Felon. Barry doesn’t deny that he took steroids as much as he did not” Knowingly ” take them. Unfortunately on the perjury charges the Jury was unable to reach a verdict and it will be decided at a later date whether they will retry him on these charges. Bonds will face up to ten years in prison but federal guidelines will see to it that he serves at least 15-21 months. Bottom line he cheated and had an unfair advantage. His records should be taken away from him thus restoring the integrity of the history of the game.

As far as this site goes the all time HR leader with 755 HR is Hank Aaron and the single season record holder is Roger Maris with 61. Mark Maguire had 70 in 1998 but he was a cheater too. Baseball unlike any other sport is all about the stats and if they aren’t earned they will not be recognized in my mind. Now there are scenarios where players have used steroids and admitted it and have been forgiven by the game. For those players I still don’t think they will be able to hold a record but Based on their achievements without cheating they should be given a place on a Hall of fame ballot when the time comes. The example that comes to mind is Alex Rodriguez who almost certainly will break the HR record and even though he is not cheating now I cannot recognize this, however I think he should have a spot in the Hall of Fame someday based on his achievements since his days of cheating.

Bonds brought disgrace to his team and the sport of baseball. I am happy that he has been brought to justice but I will always be saddened by the scar that will forever be left on the greatest game on earth.