So the Yankees lost their first season of the year by losing two of three to the reeling Red Sox. So what. When you put it in perspective it really didnt mean anything since Toronto and Baltimore both lost as well. The Yankees ran into a pitcher that was on his game in Josh Beckett while Sabathia had to battle to get into the sixth. You know as well as I that the Yankees and the Red sox will go back and forth and at the end of the year they will have about the same number of wins as they do losses against them.
The Yankees were supposed to open a series against the Orioles tonight but they were rained out. This time of year that happens a alot. The weather is just so unpredictable
So tomorrow night weather permitting we will have AJ Burnett vs Chris Tillman as first place in the AL east is on the line. Or at least a share of it should the Yankees win.
In other news Pedro Feliciano is scheduled to get a MRI and Ayala has been placed on the DL. This leaves Logan as the only lefty in the pen. The Yankees could call someone up but I think they will wait until after the MRI before making that decision.