The Yankees came out of Minnesota with two victories and a rain out in a four game set. Usually I recap and go through all the stats and all that Jive but it was a fairly unremarkable series save a few points which I would like to discuss now.

The first of three big points is that Ivan Nova made it out of the fifth inning in game one. This had been his Achilles heal in 2010, result victory! In game two the big guy CC Sabathia had it going on he had a two hitter through seven innings and a 4-0 lead and for some reason he did not take the mound in the eighth. Instead Rafael Soriano who doesn’t pitch well in non save situations did and had a case of the walks. Soriano and Robertson combined for four runs and the Yankees went down in ten 5-4/ There is no excuse for this! OK Sabathia was at 104 pitches, but he should have started the eighth. What if he got out of it in ten pitches? Then Rivera closes the ninth game over end of discussion. We are not talking about a 20 year old whom we are worried about overtaxing this is CC Sabathia who can go 130 pitches at times. Ok my rant is over. The final game after the one that was rained out featured AJ Burnett pitching another solid six innings and getting the win. Oh yea and Swisher broke a dudes leg sliding into second. It was a clean play though if you ever watch Cano turn a double he uses the bag to shield himself from the hard slide and the broken leg.

So today the Yankees go to Boston for the Red Sox home opener. Or should I say the winless Red Sox? 0-6 has got to be a tough pill for them to swallow and then face a tough Yankees line-up which has been hitting on all cylinders. Today it will be Phil Hugues vs John Lackey in an afternoon matinée. There has been concern about Hughes’s velocity and we will see if he can put a little bit more than 89 MPH on a fast ball today. If he cant he may be in for a long season. Seems to me he had problems with velocity at the beginning of last season too but was able to pull it all together and had a pretty good year at 18-6.  The Red Sox are just playing bad baseball, they have let a few tough losses get in their heads and are starting to make mental mistakes that cant happen at the major league level. Like overrunning second base and getting picked off when you are the winning run in the ninth.  So its a three game set at Fenway and the Red Sox will be hungry for a victory. If the Yankees were smart they could see this as an opportunity to put the Sox away mentally by dropping the hammer on them. Its gonna be a good one folks stay tuned.