Ok well you cant win them all and the Yankees dropped this offensive barrage 10-7 as they prepare for the Twins tomorrow night.

Lets look at the good the bad and the Ugly.

THE GOOD: The Yankees offence continues to be in high gear. After  Mark Teixeira’s slow start last season he has three home runs in as many days. The Yankees also got HR’s from Robinson Cano and two from Jorge Posada.

THE BAD: There has been some concern over Phil Hughes velocity. In spring training his fastball was sitting between 88-90 mph and that’s where it sat today. Last season it was around 90-93. The Tigers took advantage of this roughing Hughes up for 5 runs over 4 innings.

THE UGLY: The Yankees bull pen did nothing to pick up Hughes rough outing as Bartolo Colon gave up another 4 runs and 1 more run from Joba Chamberlain sealed the Yankee loss.

Monday night the Yankees will open a four game series against the Twins, with Ivan Nova going against Scott Baker. I’m guessing because of the Day off last Friday they will start Sabathia on Tuesday and Burnett will pitch Wed and Hughes again on Thursday. Ok just found out I guessed wrong as Freddie Garcia will pitch on Wednesday giving  AJ the ball on Thursday. Maybe they wanted to give AJ an extra day to fight off the flu that he has been Battling. This Will line Hughes up for the start against Boston on Friday. Don’t forget to check us out on facebook at Yankees Online Magazine.