Although outhit six to five, the Yankees had the bigger hits in the 6-3 opening day victory. For those of you that are new to YOM (Yankees Online Magazine) after each game we start out review with what we call the good the bad and the Ugly. So without further adieu here is the 2011 inaugural version of the good the bad and the ugly.

THE GOOD: The Yankee bats were in midseason form right from the get go. Although they only had five hits two of them were huge. Mark Texeria hit a three run bomb in the third and Curtis Granderson hit the go ahead home run in the seventh that sealed the deal. Granderson was also brilliant in the field with a diving catch in the first inning and a over the head grab later in the game. It appears he has no lingering side effects from his oblique injury that almost kept him out of todays game. Russell Martin also had an impressive debut with the first hit of the game a stolen base and two runs scored. He also looked great behind the plate and seemed in sync with starter CC Sabathia.

The bull-pen was just as they had it designed on paper with Joba Chamberlain , Rafeal Soriano and Mariano Rivera  all pitching perfect innings in relief. They each had a strikeout and did not allow a single base runner.

THE BAD: Its really hard to find any bad with such a well played win but I guess if we had to pin something on someone I would say A-Rods double could have been a triple if he had run hard out of the box. It looked like it was gone off the bat but until you see that ump spinning his little finger you should be running  like your being chased by bees. CC Sabathia didn’t have his best stuff but he still battled for six innings and only gave up three runs.

THE UGLY: The ugly would be the bullpen for Detroit which gave up 3 runs on three hits and a huge go ahead Home run to Granderson. Phil Coke gave up two of those runs and the Yankees are probably counting their blessings that they let him go.

Also amongst the ugly would be former Yankee Austin Jackson who after winning the Rookie of the Year last season went 1-4 and struck out three times. Also Tigers catcher Alex Avia who went 0-4 with four strike outs.

Tomorrow is a day off and then the Yankees and Tigers will be back on Saturday with AJ Burnett vs Brad Penny. Till then remember to follow us on Twitter at Yankees magazine and on facebook at Yankees online magazine.