Its finally here opening day. Its 3:30am and I am giddy with excitement as in a mere nine and a half hours the Yankees and the Tigers will face off in the first of 162 games that the Yankees will play.

The final roster is set and here is your opening day starting line-up

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada C
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C

and on the Mound will be CC Sabathia.

The rest of the 25 man roster excluding the Starting pitchers which we already discussed are as follows.

Back up catcher: Gustavo Molina, The Yankees decided that they would go with the veteran  and let Austin Romaine and Jesus Montero play everyday at AAA and AA. If they were not so young one of them probably would have been with the team but considering their age why rush them? They will play everyday in the minors and will certainly get their shot. With that being said and Cervelli having a broken foot Molina made since.

Fourth outfielder; Andrew Jones, This was never a question he is a gold glover that can still hit for some power and is an upgrade over what they had last year. They had a couple of other interesting options in Greg Golson and Justin Maxwell but at this point lets just call them depth.

Back up infielders: Eric Chavez and Edwardo Nunez. Chavez had a ridiculous spring hitting somewhere in the area of 400 and showed off his gold glove in the field. He could probably start at third on a lot of teams right now so having such a good back up for A-Rod off the bench is awesome. Nunez will back up Jeter and Cano and just flat outplayed Pena who was last years utility guy out of spring training. Nunez offers a little more with the bat and a bit more base stealing without losing much with the glove.

Then there is the bullpen which looks like this:

Mariano Rivera
Rafael Soriano
Joba Chamberlain
Dave Robertson
Boone Logan
Bartolo Colon
Luis Ayala

There really aren’t any surprises here other than Luis Ayala who had a great spring and with Feliciano starting the season on the DL earned a spot. And Bartolo Colon who was a longshot to make the rotation and frankly I’m a bit surprised he made the pen. He pitched his ass off this spring and proved that he belonged. Hopefully he will be able to live up to this blessing I have given him.

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