The Yankees have finalized the starting rotation and it is as follows in this order:

1. CC Sabathia

2. AJ Burnett

3. Phil Hughes

4. Ivan Nova

5. Freddy Garcia

freddy-garcia Bartolo Colon will be the long man out of the bull pen. The Yankees had a hard choice picking three out of four Pitchers to make the opening day roster but that became easier yesterday when Sergio Mitre was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. This allowed Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia to round out the Rotation and Colon to take the every important role in the bull pen. Initially I had Colon Pegged for the fifth spot in the rotation because of how great he has pitched this spring, but then some great points have been made as to why it didn’t go that way. First and foremost Colon has not pitched in the majors since 2009 and only for a limited amount of innings. Secondly he is about 100 pounds overweight which probably would have affected his stamina over the course of an entire season. Lastly Garcia has to be given some credit for how well he pitched last season with the White Sox. He wasn’t great this spring but he was even worse last spring and still managed to pull out 12 wins. If he gives the Yankees 12 wins from the fifth spot in the rotation I think they will be happy with that.

The only other looming question with the bull pen is for a late inning reliever spot as it appears that Pedro Feliciano will begin the season on the DL. The next interesting announcement will be who will be the back up catcher. Right now it looks like Gustavo Molina will begin the season in that role at least until Cervelli is able to return from the DL but all those questions will be answered by the end of the weekend, which is Joe Girardis self imposed deadline.