I don’t envy Joe Girardi at all to have to decide who will fill the four and five spots in the Yankees Rotation.

It is my opinion that Sergio Mitre (although pitching well) is not going to get a spot in the Rotation. So it will be between Bartolo Colon, Freddie Garcia and Ivan Nova for two spots. It’s so close right now, Nova is a young gun and showed last season that he can be very effective and is really having a good spring and getting a lot of ground balls. Last season he seemed to run into a wall around the fifth or sixth inning which seems to be his biggest question mark. Garcia pitched effectively for the White Sox last year going 12-6 however he did give up the long ball quite regularly allowing 23 Jacks in 157 innings. Garcia is a control pitcher that relies on deception and hitting corners. His best fastball doesn’t quite hit 90 which doesn’t mean he cant get hitters out it only means he cant make as many mistakes. Colon hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2009, however he has been very good this spring after having an impressive showing in winter ball. He is throwing very hard and has a lot of movement on his pitches. In Colons last outing he  threw 79 pitches over six innings and looked sharp, allowing four hits, striking out seven and walking none. He mixed his pitches well, and everyone was pleased with his command throughout.

"I thought his location was good," manager Joe Girardi said. "His slider was good today. We know he has a great fastball and a great changeup, but that was one pitch he didn’t throw a lot of back in the day, but he threw some really good ones.

Here is my solution to Girardi’s problem. Send Nova to Scranton and start Garcia and Colon four and five. Nova is the only one with options and it’s the only way to keep all three pitchers. If one of them falters Nova is waiting in the wings to take the reigns. If you do it any other way you lose the security of having the other waiting .The only other possible scenario that would allow you to keep all three pitchers is to keep Colon in long relief and Nova and Garcia would round out your rotation. This would probably mean the end of Sergio  tenure in pinstripes as he is out of options and most certainly will not clear waivers. Granted if Colon or Garcia are cut and choose to become free agents the Yankees do have a lot of depth in their young pitching most notably the Killer B’s. It will be interesting the next couple of weeks as the other clubs thin out their rosters. Most of the easy outs that some of them have been facing will be off to minor league camp and the regulars will be sharper and hitting the ball with more authority. Look for the lineup to reflect what the starting 25 will be within the next two weeks. Stay tuned kids its gonna get good.