Everyone has heard about the Yankees being interested in making a trade with the Twins for Francisco Liriano. I’m here today to tell you unless the price comes down they need to stay far away from him.

Brian Cashman has stated recently that he is not in negotiations with the Twins and is not pursuing anyone at this time because nobody of value is available. Yeah right, just like Bubba Crosby was going to be our starting CF, we weren’t pursuing Mark Teixeira and Montero was going to be this years starting catcher. You get my point. During the offseason the Yankees did contact the Twins about Liriano offering them Nova and Pena. The Twins obviously rejected this package and countered with the statement that any package for Liriano needs to include young lefty Manuel Banuelos.

Why in the world would the Yankees even consider something that foolish. You are talking about a 19 year old Lefty with a killer fastball,change and a developing curve for a 27 year old injury waiting to happen. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against trading for Liriano, what I am against is trading the future of our rotation for Liriano. Liriano was solid last year coming back from Tommy John surgery and throwing 191 innings with an ERA less than four. That’s a top twenty pitcher in any book. My concern is his ability to stay healthy in the long run. Many scouts have commented that he may not have the best mechanics in the world and although potentially a top of the rotation guy on most teams would be suitors should be cautious about the risk of injury.

At this point if the Yankees were to make a deal for him I believe they would still part with Nova who is a favorite to make the Rotation this season, but If the Yankees are willing to part with Banuelos, ,Dellin Becentes, or Andrew Brackman I would have to wonder if Cashman is really as concerned about building the future as he claims to be.