Never have I seen a spring training where so much has been made about the weight of those who have reported. First there is CC Sabathia who is noticeably thinner than he has been in past years. He states that he has given up eating Captain Crunch every day for starters. (Side note I love Captain Crunch and am not sure If I could give it up for a mere 23 million dollars) Hopefully this will translate into a positive, I would be more than happy if he just duplicates last seasons numbers.

Next is Joba Chamberlain who has reported for camp noticeably heavier than last year. Joba states that he is in better shape and that its muscle weight that has put him in a better place than he has been. To me he looks bigger in his chest and shoulders and I would conclude that this will make him stronger. Which supports what he is claiming. However our idiot friends over at ESPN.Com namely Jonette Howard had this to say “So Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain was already on the bubble when it comes to making the final roster, and he now stands accused of showing up for spring training this week sporting some new flab on his abs, some extra junk in his trunk and the sort of love handles that have nothing to do with celebrating Valentine’s Day on Monday.”
Wow all I can say is this is the type of horrible writing that make me cringe whenever I read something on that horrible site. First of all Joba has a spot on the roster and will be a big part of this years success or failure. There has never been any statement ever that suggested that Joba was “On the Bubble” when it comes to making the roster. She also suggests that his increasing his weight is a bad career move. I’m not exactly sure how being stronger is bad, so this is example number two of how dumb this woman is. She then continues to insult Joba making numerous fat references and suggests that he could be sent down to the minors. I hope this Lady isn’t the best that ESPN has to offer as far as Yankees writers. Perhaps she should seek a new line of journalism. Hey Ill bet she could get a job writing the ads in the back of comic books. You know the ones where they want you to send in 50 gum wrappers and 2.99 for a bag of army men.

The one who needs to worry about his weight right now is Bartolo Colon. He is the only one who is actually battling for a roster spot and is 267 lbs. 25 lbs over where he admittedly should be. Although it has been reported that he was hitting 94 on the gun in winter ball he seems to be having problems keeping up with the same routine as the other pitchers in camp. The Yankees have put him on a special Cardio program in hopes to combat some of the problems he is experiencing. Granted this might not even become an issue in respect to his making the rotation, but it can’t help.