So spring training has finally begun and all the pitchers and catchers are hard at work. Ok I should preface that by saying almost all of them. Mariano Rivera has actually not reported to camp due to his children being ill. The Yankees of course have no problem with this. Of course its ok what are they gonna say no? I’m sure he will be there within a day or so. Today was mostly just shaking off the rust of not having pitched all winter. They weren’t really concerned with hitting corners just hitting the mitt and seeing how you feel afterwords. A lot of pitchers thru Bull pens today including Freddie Garcia, Bartolo Colon, and Sergio Mitre.

One of the big topics is AJ Burnett and does he have his head on straight or not. Only time will tell but he certainly is saying all the right things. Newly acquired Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothchild seems to think that he will be fine and that Joba needs to work on throwing the ball more downhill and it will improve his slider. As far as the catchers go everyone seems to be impressed so far with the way that Jesus Montero looks compared to the beginning of last spring training. He seems to be more comfortable behind the plate and have less of a deer caught in the headlights look. But hey its only one day so we will have to see. Jorge Posada is at camp but has not dont any catching so far. He is acting as if he is ok with the fact that he will be primarily the DH, again its only day one so we will see.

On to the big topic everyone is obsessing over, the opt out clause in the Sabathia contract. Everyone is making a mountain out of this. I don’t think that he has any intention of opting out of . Is it possible? Sure anything is possible, what would be his motivation though? He loves the Yankees as far as anyone can tell and I certainly don’t think anyone will pay him more than the bombers. Maybe he wants to play for a team that will be in contention every year? Oh wait that would be the Yankees too! So what I am saying is don’t worry about it.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that Brett Gardner is also at camp . He was allowed to come earlier than the other position players because he is considered a rehab case. His wrist seems to be fine so far but like I have said a couple of times before its only the second day.

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