Ok we have talked about who is competing for spots and we pretty much know who already has one locked up. This is my best guess, in no particular order at the 25 man roster.

1. Mark Texeria                             13. CC Sabathia

2. Robinson Cano                         14. AJ Burnett

3. Derek Jeter                                15. Phil Hughes

4. A-Rod                                          16.  Freddie  Garcia

5. Russell Martin.                        17. Ivan Nova 

6. Brett Gardner                            18. Mariano Rivera

7. Curtis Granderson                   19. Rafael Soriano

8.Nick Swisher                              20. Pedro Feliciano

9.Fransisco Cervelli                    21. Sergio Mitre

10. Eric Chavez                              22.  Joba Chamberlain

11. Andrew Jones                         23. Boone Logan

12. Eduardo Nunez                   24. David Robertson

and last but not least Jorge Posada. I am not sold on Posada at DH though. I know I know he has been a great Yankee and he is a member of the core four and all that, but lets see he is old and can’t run and last year he batted .248. He still had ok power numbers with 18 home runs but it was the first season since 1999 where he has had less than 100 hits. I think your DH needs to be someone who can hit not someone who is owed a spot because of tenure and is too old to play in the field on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Posada hater, I just don’t feel that him taking a spot that should be held by someone who might hit closer to .300 is a good thing. I think Posada could be the Back-up catcher instead of Cervelli and a late inning bench option. Why not give Montero a Shot at DH’ing. I’m also not convinced that the Yankees shouldnt be trading for a number three or four type starter. It seems that the Twins may have interest in moving Fransico Liriano. Tell me that wouldn’t be an excellent move for the Yankees to make.

So it all starts tomorrow as the rest of the pitchers and catchers will be at spring training and the other position players are not far behind. It is going to get real interesting real quick so be sure that you are following us on Facebook at Yankees Online Magazine and on Twitter at Yankees Magazine. Monday we will have a full recap of day one of spring training so tune in.