Ok so we have talked about what positions the Yankees will be competing for now lets take a closer look at the participants of said competitions.

Catcher:  Brian Cashman has stated that the Starting catching job is Russell Martins to lose. Martin was a sure thing back in 2007 and 2008 with the Dodgers and had it all going his way. Then injury struck in 2009 and 2010 limiting Martins play and putting doubt on his future stardom. Now he finds himself  handed  the starting position on a silver platter. He claims to be ready, he is 15 lbs lighter and talks the talk. So it would seem that the only competition here is for the back-up job. It seems that Jorge Posada is out of the mix as he has been told that he will be the  DH this year. The first and most likely candidate for the back-up position  is Fransisco Cervelli. Cervelli appeared in 93 games last season hitting .271 with 0 HR and 38 RBI’S. Well I think we can safely say that he has no power at all, however he did have one HR in 2009 so maybe he is a power hitter just waiting to break out. Seriously though Frankie did have some clutch hits and CC likes to work with him. He brings an average arm and average defence to the table . That compiled with the fact that CC likes him, makes him my favorite to win the job. The next in line would be Jesus Montero. Montero is the number one prospect in the Yankees system and an absolute stud in the making. It would be hard to say anything negative about Monteros hitting ability. He has as much raw power as anyone in the minors and has the ability to recognize pitches better than a lot of hitters with twice his experience. The problem has been his defence. but it has improved after making the jump from single A to double AA.  The Yankees will find a way to use his bat soon they would be fools not to. I personally think that he would benefit from starting the Season as the full time catcher at Scranton. This would give him more at bats and a opportunity to work on his defense. The moment that a catcher or Posada gets injured I would hope that he would be the first called up. In all honesty I think he is a better choice to DH rather than Posada but Jorge has been a good Yankee and benching him is not an easy thing to do, so lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that he performs better than last year. I know that Montero loves to catch and likes to be in the middle of the action but if the Yankees can teach him to be an outfielder or use him as DH they would find more use for him. But who knows perhaps his defence will come around and he will be the Catcher of the future or perhaps he will be a valuable piece to be traded for some much-needed pitching. Next on our want to be back-up catcher list is Austin Romaine. Romaine is probably the most talented of the minor league catchers in the system. He has a cannon for an arm better than I have seen on a catcher in a long time. On the 20-80 scale he is as close to an 80 as you will see. His footwork behind the plate still needs a little work and his bat needs to catch up to his defence but he is getting closer to being MLB ready with every game that he plays. It’s hard for me to decide which guy I would rather see starting at AAA. The last of the potential candidates is invite Gustavo Molina. Molina is not a superstar by any means he is a journeyman backup that has spent time with the Jays, Mets, Orioles and both colored Sox. He is pretty much a long shot to make the team. He currently doesn’t hold a spot on the 40 man roster and probably won’t.