Andy Pettitte was a great Yankee (minus the steroids) but let’s be honest the odds of him continuing  down that path was not great. He played with a diminished skill set and lost considerable amount of time last season due to injury. Does that mean he would have flopped this year? Of course not but we could not have expected him to be better this year than last and probably would not even have been as good.

Brian Cashman and I saw this coming all along and his preparation for the season as if Andy would not be there was the smart thing to do. The Yankees have three really good starters in CC, Hughes, and Burnett. I am a believer that Ivan Nova is the real deal and will only be better this year. So basically the Yankees are only in need of a number five starter if  we assume that is true. Im pretty ok with a competition for the four and five spot between Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Ivan Nova, Andrew Brackman  and Sergio Mitre. The extra revenue that the Yankees are saving by not signing Lee or Pettitte will certainly allow them to pick up another arm at the deadline should this not work out for them. The fact that they probably have the best Bull Pen in the game (at least on paper) and a terrific offence should make up for the lack of bottom of the Rotation talent. Lets be realistic how many teams in the AL have a rotation better than the Yankees? Now how many of those teams have a better Pen? Now how many of those teams have a better offence? See where I am going.

So yea the loss of Andy is not ideal. But im not all that worried about it. Who wants to bet me money that the Yankees win the AL East? Thats what I thought!