I have spent some time wandering from site to site reading the comments that people have written in response to the Andruw Jones signing and it leaves me puzzled to think of what these people are basing their criticism of the deal on. First I would like to share a few of the more colorful comments that I have run across.

“How could the Yankees even Considered Jones over Damon? This is the dumbest move ever!!”

“” I just thought Marcus Thames did a more than decent job in the role last year and wondered why the Yankees didn’t re-sign him. His defense was poor but I honestly don’t see Jones as an upgrade in that department, so this signing doesn’t make sense to me.”

“My lord Cashman has lost it might as well signed Damon or Kept Matsui. ”

“This guy is useless, it will be painful to watch him strikeout day after day when he plays. By the way who is batting second in this lineup? After letting Damon go, the Yankees have never adequately filled that spot, and the lineup was much the worse for it last year. Jeter missed him badly as protection at the top.”

“This guy is useless, it will be painful to watch him strikeout day after day when he plays.”Ok let me start with, and I apologize for being so blunt” Your comments are dumb! People are looking at Jone’s batting average last year and totally missing the role that he will be playing as a Yankee. Jone’s job will be to play against tough Left handed pitching and as a late defensive replacement and PH against left-handed relievers. Lets Compare how Jones,Damon,and Thames did last season against left-handed pitching. We are not even going to talk about Matsui because I think all of us that are sane can agree that is just silly talk.

Damon vs Lefties: BA .275  HR 0 OPS .740 fielding% .964 Bats Left handed. PH 5 for 11

Thames vs Lefties  BA .302 HR 5 OPS .812 fielding % .923 Bats Left Handed  PH 4 for 19

Jones vs Lefties BA .256  HR 9 OPS .931 fielding % .978 Bats Right Handed PH 2 for 7

For those of you who don’t understand what OPS means it is a statistic which is calculated as the sum of a player’s on-base percentage and slugging percentage.[1] Both the ability of a player to get on base and to hit for power, two important hitting skills, are represented, making it an effective way of measuring the offensive worth of a player. An OPS of about .900 or higher in Major League Baseball puts the player in the upper sector of offensive ability. Usually, the league leader in OPS will score near, and not necessarily below, the 1.000 mark. What the Yankees needed was a Right handed bat as a forth outfielder that can hit for power and is a decent defender. Being armed with this knowledge the first thing you will notice that Jones is the only right-handed bat of the three, he had the best OPS and the best fielding percentage. The stats don’t really show who has the strongest arm so you will just have to take my word for it that it’s better than the others.  I agree with those of you that said that 2 million dollars is overpaying him considering that he made 500,000 last season but that seems to be the Yankee way as they are overpaying most of the players on the roster. Jones can earn another 1.2 million in incentives that gives him reason to work hard and it seems that he has lost weight and making an extreme effort to return to the Andruw Jones of old. Do I think he will be what he once was? No way, but I think as the role that the Yankees need him for he is the perfect fit. I understand why so many of you wanted to see Damon return to the Bronx. He was a great Yankee loved by all, but he didn’t fit what the Yankees were looking for. Seems he is about to land a full-time DH job with the Rays. Good for him, I look forward to seeing him play against us that many times over the course of a season and you all telling me how right I was afterwords. Remember you can follow us on Twitter at YankeesMagazine and on Facebook at Yankees Online Magazine.