It appears that the Yankees have made it public that Joba Chamberlain is on the trade block. The signing of Rafeal Soriano in no uncertain terms makes  Chamberlains role with the bombers unclear. Trading him seems to make the most sence but lets be honest, Joba’s trade value is crap. Joba is certainly a talent, but the Yankees have messed him up in the head with their indecision on what his role with the club would be. The latest rumor I hear is that the Yankees may be considering his reinsertion into the rotation. Im not sure how I feel about that idea. I really do like Joba and I have seen flashes of greatness from time to time. He is certainly young enough that he may be able to return to that dominant guy that was striking out the side on a regular basis. The turning point for him seemed to be that game in Cleveland when he was attacked by bugs. I’m certainly not against trading him if it’s for a starter of some substance. However If its going to be tough to convince anyone that he is worth it. Perhaps his return to the rotation would be to showcase him to be a trade chip? It’s hard to say what the Yankees are up to, Ultimately I think the Yankees have no choice but to sign another starter.( Unless you are among those that believe that Joba should go back into the Rotation). I personally like the Idea of Joba being that seventh inning guy. Even without Joba the Yankees will have one of if not the best bullpen in the AL. I’m putting my Faith in the talents of new pitching coach Larry Rothchild to put Joba on the right path and get him back to the reliever that he once was. Or maybe that’s a pipe dream and Joba along with some other trade chips might be able to land a whale.