As I expected the Yankees now have the best bullpen in baseball after signing stud closer Rafeal Soriano to a three year 35 million dollar deal. The deal includes opt out clauses and does not offer him any no trade protection. This makes the loss of Kerry Wood a lot easier to swallow. Soriano was amazing last season with an ERA of 1.73 and a whip of 0.80. He also had a career high 45 saves and only gave up 36 hits in 62 innings. He will be the set up man for Mariano Rivera and will be in a position to take over the role should Rivera retire at the end of his two year deal. Now the Yankees have gone from pretenders to contenders with the combination of Feliciano,Chamberlain,Soriano and Rivera at the end of the bullpen you have to feel sorry for any team that isnt winning by the sixth or seventh inning because thats all the opportunity they are going to get. This also plays into my theory that when Cashman talks about who he is not going to sign you can bet that is who he will sign. “Nope not going to sign Texeria, Bubba Crosby is out CFer” and my current favorite “not willing to give up the draft pick for Soriano”. Now all the Yankees need to do is close the deal with Andrew Jones and sign a 4th starter (let the kids compete for the fifth spot in the spring) and the Yankees will be ready for another world series run.

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