Ok as most of you have heard by now Pettitte has stated that he will not be “Starting” the season with the Yankees. Meaning that he has left the door open for a mid-season comeback ala Roger Clemens should he choose. This is actually what I would have hoped he would do from the start. At this point in his career he is much more effective for half a season than a full one and if I were to pick the half it would be the second, to cash in on that effectiveness. There has been some speculation that the weight of being the star witness against Roger Clemens during his  perjury trial this summer may be weighing heavily on Pettitte during his decision-making process on whether or not to return in time for spring training. My first impulse was to think that this speculation was silly but now i guess it does make some sense.  Andy may really want to pitch but doesn’t want his testifying and the media circus that is to follow to be a distraction. Or that could all be bullshit and he just cant decide what color socks to wear in the morning.

This is the part where I will tell you that things aren’t all that bad. I truly believe that the Yankees will go out and get another arm that will be an adequate fourth or fifth starter. As mentioned before a lot of names have been linked to the Yankees but i think most of that is Brian Cashman reaching out to all the available pitchers before making a decision on who to add to the rotation so only time will tell. I do think that Burnett will rebound under Larry Rothchilds direction and the Yankees will have an adequate rotation. I like what Nova has shown and I think that he could do well over the course of the season.  Hopefully Brian Cashman will take some of this extra money everyone is talking about and go out and sign Rafeal Soriano which everyone is talking about and have the lock down bull pen that will take some of the pressure off the rotation.

The Yankees will still have the same bats as they had last season and have even added one in Russell Martin. All this offence will certainly hide a little uncertainty in the rotation. Besides there will be moves that can be made in July should they need to. All and all the Yankees are pretty close to being ready to report to spring training with what I would like to say is among the best teams in baseball.