So far this year has produced nothing. There are still a few questions out there that the Yankees need to answer. First and foremost will be whether or not Andy Pettitte will retire or not.  There is no answer to this question as Andy has not decided. Right now the Yankees need to assume that he is not going to return and find another pitcher. The thought of going into the season with your three four and five pitchers being Burnett,Nova and Mitre are a bit scary. The market is thin as far as free agents. The Yankees have been tied to Jeremy Bonderman, Freddy Garcia, and Jeff Francis, none of which are a sure thing or maybe even a good thing. Although I have to admit I feel better about Garcia than the other two and I like all three of them better than Mitre as a number five starter. Best case scenario is that Andy comes back and the Yankees are able to sign Garcia or trade for an even better pitcher. Im comfortable with this rotation. 1.CC 2.Pettitte 3.Hughes 4. Burnett 5. Garcia/Nova/someone other than Sergio Mitre.  The Bombers are also in the market for a fourth outfielder and it seem that it will probably be Andrew Jones. I absolutely love this move, Jones is 33 years old and has been declining for years now, but he still has power and is a plus defender. As a fourth outfielder I cant see anyone else better. Johnny Damon would be my first choice but it seems he is seeking a lot more playing time than the Yankees can offer. If one of the Yankees full time Outfielders should hit the DL I have no problem with Jones stepping right in. The Yankees may also be looking for another arm in the bull pen. I know Cashman has said that he is not willing to part with the Draft pick for Rafeal Soriano but he also said that Bubba Crosby was going to be the starting CF before they went out and got Damon. He also said that Jesus Montero was going to be the starting catcher before they went out and got Russell Martin. I think that having a lights out Bull Pen may become more of a priority if Pettitte decides that he will not be return thing.

So it seems that some moves are on the horizon but right now its been a slow year.