Lets give out the Yankees awards for 2010

Rookie of the Year– Ivan Nova.  Nova showed that he can hold his own in the big leagues. He is a big man who gives off an intimidating presence on the mound and made more than his share of batters swing and miss.

Best defender -Brett Gardner. Gardner shocked us with his speed in the outfield. His one error and nine assists were among the best in the leauge.

Best play -Greg Golsons throw.  Here is a Link to the game winning throw by Golson.  Click here  Anyone who can gun down Carl Crawford from deep right field has my respect.

Best Pitcher– Mariano Rivera. A solid argument could be made for Sabathia as well but Mo at 40 years old had an ERA of 1.80 and 33 saves. Rivera only allowed 2 HR and 39 hits in 60 innings, amazing!

Most Valuable Player–  Robinson Cano, 200 hits, 103 runs scored, 109 RBI, 43 doubles .319Ave 29 HR. Do I need to say anything more?

Fan of the Year – 

Thats real dedication. Happy New Year!