Well it seems my last post has already dug up some ignorant Red Sox fans that think that because I am a Yankees Fan that I cannot be objective. Well Perhaps the next two comparisons will seem a bit more to their liking.Derek Jeter vs Marco Scutaro .

Marco Scutaro and Derek Jeter were about the same guy last year Scutaro batted .275 with 11 HR and 56 RBI. It is about what you would expect out of an average short stop. However Scutaro committed 18 errors. Marco is 35 years old which isn’t that much younger than Jeter and this is pretty much what his career numbers dictate. They aren’t bad numbers but they aren’t great either. Where Marco becomes valuable is that he can play multiple positions. He can play ss,2nd,3rd,1st,LF and RF. Granted he hasn’t really done that since 2008 but he did play 16 games at second last season and didnt seem to have a problem with it. I think he has better range than Jeter and hits Right handed pitching more consistently than Derek. He also doesn’t strike out as much as Jeter.

Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees and not only has he been the captain of consistency over the years but he is the leader of the clubhouse and the captain of the team. That being said the days of Jeter hitting .300 with 200 hits may be over. Or they may not. Lets not forget that in 2009 he batter .323 and had 30 stolen bases. I know last year was supposedly his best year defensively but lets face it he doesn’t have the range that he had back in the late 90’s. He got to all the balls that he should have gotten to that is why he only had six errors. The question you have to ask yourself is how many base hits might have been prevented if he had the same range as Marco? Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think Jeter is done by any means, and neither do the Yankees or they would not have given him such a generous contract. I do think that he is in the twilight of his career and If he looks more like Scutaro at the plate next season I wont be surprised. I figure him as batting .280 with 12 HR and 85 RBI. Im figuring Scutaro to hit about the same maybe a little worse. Now as a Yankees fan I hope I’m wrong and he looks like he did in 2009 at the plate but Im trying to be a realist here.

Advantage : Tied  to slight Red Sox

Third base is another interesting comparison Kevin Youkilis vs Alex Rodriguez

Kevin is the more durable player at this point in their careers. Kevin is 31 years old and hit since 2007 has outshined Alex as far as batting average and strike out to hit ratio. He only played a handful of games at third last year but his history shows that he is an adequate fielder at the hot corner. Kevin crushes left-handed pitching hitting .404 against them last season. I know this guy is a monster and a great player, do I like him? Personally NO, I think he has a hot temper and thinks that everyone is throwing at him and likes to start fights. Do I respect his ability, YES. He is a superstar beyond a doubt and if he can play in the hot corner as well as his numbers suggest he is capable of he should have a monster year.

Alex Rodriguez is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One week he looks horribly overmatched strike out after strike out. The next week nobody wants to pitch to him because every time his bat touches the ball it’s over the fence. Alex has incredible strength and bat speed and this is why his home runs are usually a thing of beauty, he makes it look so easy. In the field Alex struggles more than he used to. He has been battling hip problems that has severely limited his range and his ability to play everyday. Will he be back to 100% healthy? Will he get his average that has gone down every year since 2007 back up to the .300 mark? I dont know. I do believe he will continue to crush the ball and will hit 30+ Hr and 100 + RBI’s. Sometimes it feels like these HR are when the Yankees have a six run lead and it hardly matters. That could be partly because the Yankees have alot of six run leads.

Kevin is Younger and hits for a better average. I think there is the possibility that A-Rod could out hit Youkilis, Do I think it will happen, No.  advantage Red Sox

Alright everyone tomorrow is Christmas so I’m probably taking it off to spend with my family. Next week we will look at the outfield and Catchers. Make sure you have a safe and happy Holidays and don’t forget to follow us on twitter at Yankees Magazine.