There has been some talk that Johnny Damon may be on the Yankees Radar for a return trip to the Bronx. Brian Cashman states that there is now clear spot for Damon on the roster but hasn’t ruled out the possibility. If Damon was to return It would most likely be as a fourth outfielder to platoon with Gardner and Granderson against those tough left-handed pitchers. He could also spell Posada at DH when needed.
Personally I think Damon could certainly help the Yankees next season but I fear that ,baring injury, they wouldn’t be able to get him the amount of playing time he is seeking. This is why I think that Cashman says there is no clear role. However if the combination of the Yankees overpaying him a little and the lack of full time positions with other teams coincide I could see Damon coming back to the Bronx in the aforementioned role. However if another team steps up and offers him a full time starting position he will most likely take it. Damon’s prefered destinations would be NY, Boston or LA Angels, none of which have a full time Outfield position available.

One of the fears with bringing back Damon is his reputation for being a poor defender. He isn’t as horrible as people make him out to be and in his last season with the Yankees he actually got better as the season went on. He doesn’t have the strongest of arms but takes good routes and is able to hit the cut-off man with consistency. The other concern is that he is 37 now which is a far cry from the prime of his career. However he still has a decent bat and the short porch in Yankee stadium would almost certainly increase his power numbers.

All this being said it’s probably and outside chance that Damon returns but on a one year deal for six or seven million he’s got my vote.