Many people are saying that with the Additions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford that the Red Sox have surpassed the Yankees. Lets take a look position by position and compare. Now I’m not even going to talk about pitching yet because it is obvious that the Yankees rotation is not the rotation that they will be entering spring training with. However the position players are not going to change.

First Base:  Adrian Gonzalez  vs  Mark TeixeiraThese guys are surprisingly even. Tex has a career average of .298 and Gonzo is .284 they are both going to give you 30+ hr and 100 RBI’s every year. Mark’s  down fall has been  that he is a slow starter and his bat isn’t really hot until the end of May. Gonzo is coming from the National league. Lets face it the NL doesn’t have the same quality of pitching as the AL. I’m not saying that Adrian wont be a beast in the East, I’m sure that he will. , all that I am saying is that there may be an adjustment period. What gives the Yankees the slight edge here is the fact that Tex is probably the best fielding first baseman in the league and at only 30 years old is in the conversation to be one of the best first baseman of all times.

Picking up Gonzo was a great move by the Red Sox and certainly helps ease the pain that they still feel by missing out on Mark Teixeira in the first place.

Advantage: Slight Edge Yankees

Second Base   Robinson Cano vs Dustin Pedroia

Wow this comparison is almost ridiculous these guys are both young superstars.

Pedroia is a young stud. At 27 years old he is in the Prime of his career and only going to get better Last season he batted .288 in a season that was limited to 75 games due to injury. Assuming that Pedroia is healthy and back to his young stud ways the Red Sox would be hard pressed to find someone better to man second base than Dustin Pedroia.

Cano and Pedroia are hard to compare they are both potential future hall of fame candidates. Cano had a breakout season last year batting .319 with 29 HR and 109 RBI. Right now he is the hottest second baseman in the league. Cano won the gold glove and a silver slugger in 2010. Like Pedroia, Cano is in the prime of his career at 28 years old and I expect he will repeat his All-star performance of last season

Advantage: Yankees again. Although the two of them match up well Pedroia is coming back from injury and will have to prove himself to be every bit the stud that Cano is.

Tomorrow we will compare Short and Third, This means Derek Jeter vs Marco Scutaro and Alex Rodriguez vs Kevin Youkilis. Look for us on Facebook at Yankees Online Magazine and follow Yankees Magazine on Twitter too.