This is the most immature and ridiculous statement I have ever heard an organization make.

“There was a lot of back and forth and a point at which they said, ‘If you would do ‘X’, we’ll agree to terms,'” Greenberg said. “But those terms went beyond the parameters we were comfortable with, specifically in terms of years. It was beyond the level we could live with, so we would not accept those terms. But it wasn’t a matter of Cliff not being willing to stay here.”

Ok Mr Greenburg here is the thing. You got snubbed just like the Yankees did. If it were about years he would be pitching with the Rangers or the Yankees. It was about Cliff pitching where he wanted to pitch. So yes it was a matter of Lee not wanting to stay there. He took a lesser deal to go somewhere else and that must sting to the Rangers. He never played for the Yankees so the Yankees didn’t lose anything. The Rangers on the other hand got down right snubbed. Even if your statement was true, why announce it to the world? It just makes you sound like a twelve year old saying (insert winy voice here) “Well we could have had them if we wanted to , so there!” Just short of a couple of na na da boo boos if ya ask me. Grow up and move on and in the immortal words of Seth Myers ” REALLY?”