Yes you heard it right Cliff Lee took a five-year 100 million dollar deal to return to the Phillys. In doing so he left approx 50million dollars and 2 years of employment on the table. Tough break for the Yankees but in the long term a blessing in disguise. Think about it, is Cliff Lee going to be worth 20+ million dollars when he is 38? Probably not. This Gives the Bombers an opertunity to put some money into the bull-pen and perhaps make a trade for another starter such as Zack Greinke. Greinke should have been their A plan in the first place. Zack is only 27 years old and would likely be a lot better on a team that could give him some run support. People worry that Zack may not be able to handle pitching in NY however I disagree. In NY he would not be the number one starter which would take some of the pressure off. He may actually be the number three or four starter. I like the looks of this Rotation CC, Hughes, Greinke, Pettitte, Burnett. It gives the Yankees the opportunity to stay competitive and still get younger. It also allows the Yankees to spend some money on the bull pen. Kerry Wood please come back!  The big question would be what would it cost to get Zack? Im pretty sure the conversation starts with Jesus Montero. The Royals are using a 36 year old Jason Kendall as their starting catcher. It may also cost some young major league level pitching. Ivan Nova and probably a few prospects as well. Thier is also Eduardo Nunez as the Royals need a short stop. However the buck needs to stop there. I hear talks that Brett Gardner’s name may have come up. I think that is to much, Gardner should be untouchable at this time. Ok so lets assume that Grienke is not a good fit. What now? Erik Bedard?  Bruce Chen? Chien Ming Wang? there arent many options on the free agent market. Maybe they go with Nova and hope that he lives up to his potential. Now before you all decide to jump off the bridge and become Red Sox fans lets not forget that the Yankees still are a great team and they still have all the same pitchers that got them to the ACLS last year and if Burnett can pitch like we all know he is capable of and Pettite comes back and picks up where he left off the Yankees will still be right there in the playoffs pushing for another World Series Championship. Lets put some faith in Brian Cashman that he will make the right moves and give us the best possible line up in 2011.