It used to be that players could be paid max money for shorter deals, this still holds true with younger players but when you are talking about players that are on the wrong side of 30 they are looking to play as long as they can. To tell you the truth if I were a pro ball player making all that money I would want it to last as long as I could as well. When you get in your mid to upper 30’s your body doesnt let you do many of the things that you could when you were 23.

This is why that fourth year was so important to Jeter. Its certainly not that he is worried about money. Jeter has more money than he will ever be able to spend. Its about extending the dream.  The Yankees are making a hard play for Cliff Lee, they have given him an official offer with options that vary in money and years, one of which reportedly goes as many as Seven years. WOW Seven years, originally the deal was reported to be six years and 140 million. I would imagine the seventh year may boost the offer to around 160 million or more. I cant imagine any other team matching that money or years. Lee is a winner and I cant imagine him taking a deal from the Nationals or Pirates and the Rangers apparently are only willing to go six years. So lets hope that Lee is a sensible man and that his good friend CC Sabathia is putting on the full court press.

In other Yankee news the Bombers picked up a couple of less expensive arms in the rule five draft.  22 year old lefty Robert Fish who seems to have some good strikeout numbers and hits the mid 90’s and RHP Daniel Turpen who is a ground ball type reliever that has one of those side arm deliverys.  The rule five draft is one of those things that mostly turns up average talent at best, but once in a while you find a Johan Santana or  a Josh Hamilton (both rule five draft players).

As for Andy Pettitte, he has still not made a decision on whether he will play next season or retire. To be honest every  article I read on the subject contradicts the last  one on whether or not he is coming back. My opinion?, I think he will come back for one more year, but not heaving Andy’s ear I have no Idea what he will do.

It appears that Lee may make a decision as soon as this weekend as to where he will spend the next six to seven years. As it seems unlikely that the Rangers will go seven my money is on the Yankees.Updates as this exciting drama unfolds.