Sign Rivera- Check
Sign Jeter – Check
Sign Lee- Next on list
Sign Crawford- maybe

Before we talk about our man crush on Cliff Lee lets congratulate the Yankees on giving in a little to finalize a deal with the man who is the face of the Yankees. Even more obvious than the Yankees slight concession is the fact that Derek Jeter came down to earth and realized he wasnt going to get five or six years. The Yankees initial offer of 3 years 45 million dollars was balked at by Derek as his agent called the offer “baffling”. Look I like Jeter as much as the next guy but for a 36 year old Short stop with declining range it was a lot of love, but the Yankees came up with even more love signing Jeter to a 3 year 51 million dollar contract with a player option for a fourth year at 8 million and with incentives could be worth as much as 17 million bringing the entire package up to $65 Million over 4 years. Thats a whole lotta love kids.
Mariano Riveras contract was quick quiet and fair. The greatest closer to ever play the game was given a two year deal worth 30 million dollars.
As for the rest of the Christmas list, Cliff Lee is a name that you are going to hear alot this week as Brian Cashman heads to Florida for the Winter Meetings. It would be awesome if at the end of the week Lee was wearing pinstripes with a nice five or six year deal in place. It would also be nice if Carl Crawford was being fit for pinstripes as well. Im not completely sold that the Yankees need Crawford, but he is an addition that would almost immediately improve the Yankees outfield, especially if they are still able to find a way to keep Gardner involved.
My personal preference is to have Swisher DH and have Gardner,Granderson and Crawford in the outfield. This would move Posada to a bench role. Lets be honest Posada does not have the bat anymore to be the DH.
In some smaller tidbits of Yankees news the bombers have resigned Sergio Mitre to a one year deal worth 900k. Mitre has had some success as a starter and as a reliever for the bombers.

Last but not least a tidbit that makes me laugh. Before Rivera resigned with the Yankees the Red Sox offered him a contract of 2 years 30 million as well and were fully prepared to non-tender Johnathon Paplebum. Obviously Rivera wasnt going to become a Red Sox and If I were Paplebon I would be wondering why my team was ready to throw me to the trash heap for a 40 year old.Not the kind of message you want to send to your star closer going into the season. ” Jon, we like you but we are more than willing to drop you like a hot rock if someone better comes along.”