The Yankees have offered Derek Jeter 3 years and 45million dollars which by all accounts is more than a fair offer. In my mind its more than he is worth purely as a player by about 5 million a year. Apperantly Jeter wants more money and more years. Sources say that Jeter may want as many as six years. That is just silly nobody is going to give someone a contract until they are 42. (unless they are the best hitter in the game:see Alex Rodrieguez) At Fifteen million a year he will still be the second highest paid shortstop in Baseball, behind Michael Young who makes around 19 million. Lets be honest Jeter is no Michael Young.
I have to agree with Brian Cashman on this one Jeter has been offered a more than fair deal. The deal is more than fair, the deal actually says Derek we love you alot and are willing to overpay you by ALOT compared to fair market value for your services. Just to put this in perspective here is a list of the other highest paid shorstops in the game and what they make :
Michael Young, $16,000,000 (2009-13)
Miguel Tejada, $12,000,000 (2004-09)
Hanley Ramirez, $11,666,667 (2009-14)
Rafael Furcal, $10,000,000 (2009-11)
Edgar Renteria, $9,250,000 (2009-10)
Julio Lugo, $9,000,000 (2007-10)
Cristian Guzman, $8,000,000 (2009-10)
Jimmy Rollins, $7,000,000 (2006-10)
Jack Wilson, $6,733,333 (2007-09)
Jose Reyes, $5,812,500 (2007-10)
Khalil Greene, $5,500,000 (2008-09)
Troy Tulowitzki, $5,166,667 (2008-13)

How many of these guys is Jeter really better than? Its obvious Jeter is more valuable to the Yankees than to any other club. I love Derek Jeter dont get me wrong, but let him go out and find more money anywhere else if he wants to. The Yankees cant afford to put all thier eggs in one basket if they want to put a competitive product on the field.

Dear Brian Cashman,

Don’t blink If Jeter doesnt take this sweet deal than let him find a better one somewheres else.