Seems like the major hang up with the Derek Jeter negotiations is over number of years. The Yankees want to sign him for three more years and Jeter wants four at the minimum and prefers a five or six year deal. Now lets be realists here for a minute there is no way they will sign him for six years and if it were that or nothing the Yankees would have to choose nothing. As far as the monetary compensation goes it is obvious that they will overpay him. The Yankees are going to put on the “this is a professional negotiation and he is a baseball player ” card. Basically thats crap the Yankees can take the hard stance if they want but in the end they cant really afford to lose Jeter. It would be a public relations nightmare, don’t worry kids Jeter is not going anywheres ,my prediction: four years 84 million plus bonuses if he wins a gold glove, MVP or bats over .300.

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