At first glance it would appear that the Yankees outfield is all set and their is no room for Carl Crawford. Although the Yankees at first glance have a great outfield and have no need for Crawford if you look just a little deeper a fairly convincing argument can be made for why the Yankees should at least stick their noses in the mix. One Idea is the thought that If the Yankees were to get Crawford they could DH Swisher and Play either Crawford,Granderson or Gardner in RF. Although none of them has ever played in RF it is actually the easiest of the three outfield positions and any of them would be able to make the switch. My personal preference would be Crawford in Left Granderson in Center and Gardner in Right. Gardner is still a Young fielder with alot to learn. He sometimes takes bad routes to the balls but his speed compensates for many of these errors. Imagine an outfield that would have a combined 100 stolen bases next season. So much speed would add an entirely different weapon to the Yankees potent offence. Swisher is a good hitter Last season he had 29 HR and hit .288. In the field he is ok but he is nowhere near the fielder that Carl Crawford is. On that same note who would you rather have as your DH Swisher hitting .288 and 29 HR or Posada hitting .248 with 18 HR ? All that being said Crawford will probably cost  15million a year or more and will be looking for a long term deal. Not that he is not worth it but will the Yankees have room on their payroll? Especially if they sign Cliff Lee. I personally think the Yankees will stay engaged in the situation but will ultimately not be willing to spend the money.Remember though the Yankees weren’t “In” on Mark Texieria either and look how that worked out.