The Yankees infield is undoubtedly the best in baseball as Mark Texeria, Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter all won the gold gloves at their positions.

Other winners of gold gloves were Evan Longoria at third, Joe Mauer, Catcher, Carl Crawford,Franklin Gutierrez  and Ichiro Suzuki in the outfield and Mark Buehrle who was perfect at fielding his position and had 11 pick offs at pitcher.

Now for Rob Neyer being an idiot. I have written many times about the journalists over at ESPN being anti-Yankee and have renamed Rob, Rob Ney sayer. How this guy is actually considered a journalist is really beyond me. Now Im not a professional by any means nor am I an expert baseball Analyst, but it seems to me that Derek Jeter only committing six errors in 151 games with a fielding percentage of .989 is pretty deserving of a gold glove. The article can be found here. I guarantee you will laugh at what an idiot this guy is as you read it. I would like to take a moment to point out some of the ridiculous statements this idiot made.

1.It’s his fifth, which means he’s now won at least four more Gold Gloves than he’s deserved. By any stretch of the fever-crazed imagination. (referring to Jeter)

2.Of course, it’s not just us. Nobody who really follows baseball believes that Jeter is an outstanding defensive player. (who in the American league is better??)

3I will happily admit that I don’t really get Teixeira. Maybe he’s one of those players you really do have to "see every day" to appreciate. The numbers that we’ve got for him are not impressive.  ( He obviously has never watched Texieria in the field. He gets to balls that no other First Baseman in the game would even think of fielding)

4.Cano’s not a bad choice. It’s just not clear that he’s a better choice than Mark Ellis or Orlando Hudson. (How can it be any more obvious than the guy only had three errors in 158 games with a fielding average of .996?? Hudson had eight errors in 120 games and Mark Ellis was about as good as Cano but only played 113 games. Cano was CLEARLY the best second baseman if not the best fielder in baseball this season,)

So If you dont think this guy is an Idiot let me know. But somehow I think you see what I see. Congrats to all the gold glove winners you ALL deserved it.

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