Ok Some believe that hitting Jeter lower in the line-up will improve his overall batting average and give him more opportunities for RBI’s. In 2009 moving Jeter to the leadoff spot was a no brainer but without Damon there in 2010 to hit behind him I have mixed feeling with how it all worked out. So where should he hit and who should lead off. Personally I believe that Brett Gardner should be your lead off guy primarily because he had a .383 OBP drew 79 walks and stole 47 bases. He hit .277 last year and is getting better every year. Keeping this in mind I would bat Jeter second. When Brett Gardner is on base his speed makes pitchers pay attention to him. Jeter is the kind of hitter that will benefit from those mistakes and make them pay. Its a win win for both of them. This is how I see the line up in 2011

1. Gardner

2. Jeter

3. Cano

4. A-Rod

5. Texieria

6. Swisher

7. Granderson

8. Posada


I left the nine spot open because Its not exactly known who will be the DH next season. I personally think that Marcus Thames would be great to have DH against lefties and he can also spell the outfielders. But I’m also not against having Swisher DH and getting Carl Crawford. But lets assume for right now its Thames. You may also notice that Cano is batting third and Tex fifth. When Tex went down with his hamstring injury Cano took over the three spot and was unstoppable. It was like he was born to hit there, lets also remember that Tex is notoriously a slow starter. Dropping him to fifth in the order will take a little pressure off him without taking away RBI opportunities. Let me know if you agree with me? If you think I’m wrong or crazy let me know that too.