It’s no secret that the Yankees have a group of veterans that are quickly getting to the twilight of their careers. Some of them are starting to show a decline and some are really not but could in the near future if something is not done.

Lets start by talking about Jorge Posada. Posada has been a great Yankee. He will definitely have a statue in monument park one day. That being said at the end of his contract he needs to either retire or be willing to except the role of back up catcher and occasional DH. Next Season Jorge will make 11 million dollars in his final year . His actual value is closer to 5 million but his icon status has the Yankees overpaying him. Defensively Posada has really shown decline he allowed 72 stolen bases and only threw out 13 base runners in 2010.  He was only able to start 83 games where his historical average was over 130 games. He batted only .248 his career average being .275, but still showed a little pop with the bat having 18 HR and  57 RBI’s. I  could go on and on and some of you will say lets move him to DH after next season. I don’t think this is wise. You want you Dh to be a professional hitter someone who’s bat is crucial to the Yankees wining games. Folks in my humble opinion that Bat belongs to Alex Rodriguez. Now I know Alex still plays pretty well in the field but hear me out. Alex’s contract is keeping him in pinstripes until 2017. He will be 41 years old. As a DH Alex will stay healthy and have  a much better chance of staying productive throughout the remainder of his contract. I think you might even see his power numbers and average go up.

Then what do you do at third base? Well this is going to depend a lot on how the prospects shape up during the course of the year. The Yankees hold two great prospects in Eduardo Nunez and Brandon Laird. If neither of these guys are ready to step into this role than I’m sure a stop gap can be found. Lets go back to the catching situation for a minute. Many of you I have left wondering who will be the starting catcher. Some of you are saying that’s simple Fransisco Cervelli. Now don’t get me wrong I love Cervelli he runs well for a catcher and he has some pop to his bat. Cervelli is young, 24 years old and hit .271. I have no complaints. However he isn’t good enough defensively to be the starting catcher for many years to come. Ok so who? Jesus Montero? Again great bat and probably will hit very well in the MLB but his defense is still suspect. Montero is still very young he hit 21 HR and batted .289. Great numbers but at 21 years old I am predicting he is traded for a proven piece that will help the Yankees win now. But that is another story. So who does this leave as the Yankees backstop? A Young talent named Austin Romaine. He is not ready yet but he is close.

Now in all fairness Montero and Romaine are very close talent wise but for some reason I just have a feeling that Brian Cashman is going to deal Montero if not before the season than at the trading deadline. The Yankees could keep Alex at third base for another couple of years without notice of decline but eventually he will be filling that DH spot. They could also get away with a stop gap veteran  for a season at catcher with Posada as Backup. While Im throwing out wild predictions that many of you are going to argue with me about lets assume for a minute that the Yankees don’t have a catcher from the minors ready to start in 2012 how about a guy like Yadier Molina who will be a free agent ?

I guess what I hope to show in closing is that the Yankees have options and we should not fear our players with big contracts not playing them out. Posada has one year left on his and I hope at the end of that year he will back out gracefully excepting retirement or a back up position like the true champion that he is. There is nothing sadder than when a great player doesn’t know when to hang up those cleats . Posada is a champion and as a true fan I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for being a great Yankee.

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